Pipetail is no tale!

You are probably tired of all the bullshit - zero downtime, infrastructure on one click, kubernetes magic, 99.9999% SLA, you name it. We know the buzz. And we don’t follow it.

Your business needs will be solved with the right kind of technology and tooling. Not with tools that are just trendy.

Our solutions

We believe in great design! It is an investment that pays off.

AWS, GCP and Azure

Are you migrating to the cloud or are already using it? Get help from certified Solution Architects to guide you through the process. We provide consulting and workshops to support this uneasy change.


We build custom platforms on top of Kubernetes tailored to your needs. We teach how to fully leverage Kubernetes in your company. We are certified Kubernetes Administrators.

Infrastructure and billing analysis

We analyze thoroughly your public cloud bill and suggest some optimizations in order to tackle its uncontrolled growth. Further we analyze your cloud infrastructure to discover possible misconfigurations or suboptimal usage.


We will rewrite and import your cloud infrastructure into Terraform, allowing you to leverage Infrastructure as Code benefits to make infrastructure provisioning sustainable, maintainable and reviewable.

Case studies

We focus on container workloads on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform as certified professionals.

Here is some of our work:

Shipmonk case study cover

ShipMonk AWS infrastructure

Instead of internally building and operating its own infrastructure, Shipmonk can leverage managed services from AWS, without worrying much about scalability and maintenance.

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keboola case study cover

Keboola Elastic Kubernetes Service

Using a combination of Elastic Kubernetes Service with Managed Nodes, Autoscaling groups and Spot Instances, helps Keboola to manage their cloud cost and pay only for what they truly use.

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Our products

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AWS Cost Optimization ebook

This report is focused on AWS infrastructure of a real-world AWS account. We will go deep enough to find and fix some common issues found when using AWS & kubernetes.

You name a fair price. Starting at $0.

  • Thoroughly analyze AWS Billing
  • Identify largest saving opportunities
  • Discover misconfigurations

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Who is pipetail and what we <3

Pipetail is a team of guys and girls who are tired of all the bs around “corporate IT”.

Open source

Automating stuff

Talk at meetups

Write blogposts

Honesty, transparency

One step ahead of the buzz

Vendor agnostic

Our customers

Recent blogposts

10 most common mistakes using kubernetes

May. 4th 0

We had the chance to see quite a bit of clusters in our years of experience with kubernetes (both managed and unmanaged - on GCP, AWS and Azure), and we see some mistakes being repeated.

No shame in that, we’ve done most of these too!

I'll try to show the ones we see very often and talk a bit about how to fix them.

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More EKS tips to make your life easier

Apr. 13th 0

We've spent most of the last month on implementing EKS. Surprisingly, we're always solving the same concerns no matter what project we're working on.
Here's couple of tips for your EKS clusters! Kube2iam is amazing tool. I really like it and it helped me with granular control access in couple of projects.
However, there's a better solution that is supported out of the box: IAM roles for services accounts.

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Getting started with PodSecurityPolicy on EKS

Mar. 15th 0

As you might already know, security is not something that a specialized department should be responsible for. Instead, we all should bear in mind that security matters and build secure solutions from the very beginning. Today we're gonna talk about some practices in the world of containerized apps and Kubernetess. So let's say we have some best practices for the containerized workloads. But how to enforce that? We'll tell you right away.

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