We bring AWS expertise to your business

Specializing in Infrastructure, Containers, and Web Services, we focus on creating powerful, customized AWS solutions that ensure your operations run seamlessly.

We've worked with some amazing clients over the years

  • Contember
  • Shipmonk
  • Bookbot
  • Trezor

Fancy another Cloud provider?

Not using AWS for whatever reason? We have experience with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or even Digital Ocean and our engineers can help you with solutions on these platforms as well.


Case study

Multi-region EKS platform

We worked with Contember to develop an entire multi-region platform based on Elastic Kubernetes Service. All developers can deploy their code to multiple regions to their own temporary environment. Contember can now provide highly available low-latency backend to their end customers.


Case study

Consolidation to k8s

For their multi-cloud strategy, Keboola has to consolidate to a unified platform that is supported by major public cloud vendors. Managed solution offering is preferable to a self-hosted one as that is the company’s philosophy in buying, rather than building, things that are not core-business related. Having a unified underlying infrastructure simplifies the provisioning and management of their product.


Case study

EKS platform

Instead of building and operating its own infrastructure, ShipMonk can leverage managed services from Amazon Web Services without worrying much about scalability and maintenance. ShipMonk can instead focus on the things that really matter - the business and support for its customers.

pipetail is a great partner in ShipMonk’s infrastructure. They helped with overall cluster stability, documentation, processes and CI/CD. Their expertise in Kubernetes and AWS is priceless.


Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

  • AWS, GCP and Azure. Are you migrating to the cloud or are already using it? Get help from certified Solution Architects to guide you through the process. We provide consulting and workshops to support this uneasy change.
  • Kubernetes. We build custom platforms on top of Kubernetes tailored to your needs. We teach how to fully leverage Kubernetes in your company. We are certified Kubernetes Administrators.
  • Infrastructure and billing analysis. We analyze thoroughly your public cloud bill and suggest some optimizations in order to tackle its uncontrolled growth. Further we analyze your cloud infrastructure to discover possible misconfigurations or suboptimal usage.
  • Terraform. We will rewrite and import your cloud infrastructure into Terraform, allowing you to leverage Infrastructure as Code benefits to make infrastructure provisioning sustainable, maintainable and reviewable.

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